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Welcome to our clinic in Wilmington, where IV vitamin therapy is our specialty. Our dedicated team is committed to helping you reach peak health with personalized IV vitamin treatments.

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Personalized IV Therapy for Optimal Health

At our hydration center, we recognize the unique health needs of each individual. Despite a healthy lifestyle, your body may require additional support, which our IV vitamin treatments are perfectly designed to provide.

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Tailored IV Infusions for Every Health Need

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At our clinic, we specialize in vitamin infusion therapy, offering a wide range of IV infusions to meet your health needs. From replenishing fluids and electrolytes to providing essential vitamins and minerals, our vitamin infusion therapy options are designed to help you feel your best and maintain optimal health. We are committed to providing the highest standard of care with personalized vitamin infusion treatments for our patients.

Starting at $100

A NAD+ IV infusion can help activate your brain’s neuron function by helping cells regenerate and protect them against damage. This results in increased mental cognition, including better mental clarity, higher concentration, and enhanced memory function.

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Possible Benefits:

  • Slows cognitive decline 
  • Promotes healthy brain function 
  • Fights chronic fatigue 
  • Increases energy 
  • Boosts metabolism 
  • Regenerates cells 
  • Slows aging 
  • Reduces internal inflammation 
Brainstorm IV
Combining pyridoxine (B6), L-taurine and alpha-lipoic acid, the Brainstorm IV may help improve overall brain function, increase memory recall and improve certain aspects of learning.

Possible Benefits:

  • Improve overall brain function 
  • Increase memory recall 
  • Enhance certain aspects of learning
Immunity IV
Designed to help your immune system, prevent illnesses and make you feel better faster after getting sick, this IV blend includes premium-quality compounds that can help improve immunity and promote optimal wellness.

Possible Benefits:

  • Protects against infection
  • Improves healing time
  • Helps maintain a healthy immune system
  • Reduces duration of illnesses
Myers' Cocktail IV
Comprised of essential multivitamins and other nutrients, this cocktail premix is designed to help alleviate chronic symptoms, including ongoing pain, asthma and more. The combination is named for Dr. John Myers, who was known for administering vitamin and mineral drips to alleviate a variety of ailments.

Possible Benefits:

  • Helps alleviate stress
  • Improves immunity
  • Restores balance
  • Provides hydration
  • Helps reduce migraines
  • Reduces chronic pain
Inner Beauty IV
Designed to help bring out radiance and natural glow, this infusion features premium-quality compounds believed to fortify hair, skin and nails, reduce wrinkles and quench skin from the inside out.

Possible Benefits:

  • Fortifies hair, skin and nails
  • Reduces wrinkles
  • Quenches tired skin
Recovery & Performance IV
Designed to help shorten the time of recovery after an injury and potentially improve athletic ability, this blend includes premium-quality compounds that can help promote improved performance and overall wellness.

Possible Benefits:

  • Decreases recovery time
  • Enhances athletic performance
  • Replenishes essential nutrients
  • Reduces inflammation
Get-Up-And-Go IV
Designed to help kickstart your metabolism and feel more energized, this IV includes premium-quality compounds believed to help burn fat, boost metabolism and provide the nutrients needed for optimal wellness

Possible Benefits:

  • Helps burn fat
  • Restores energy
  • Boosts your metabolism
  • Improves performance.
Quench IV
Rehydrate your body and combat fatigue caused from dehydration with our Quench IV Kit. This infusion includes premium-quality compounds designed to replenish the fluids needed for optimal wellness.

Possible Benefits:

  • Rehydrates your body
  • Detoxes your system
  • Restores essential vitamins
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Improves circulation
  • Fights fatigue
Alleviate IV
Compounded to help relieve symptoms of PMS, this customized IV mix includes premium-quality compounds which may reduce bloating, irritability, abdominal discomfort and lower back pain.

Possible Benefits:

  • Helps minimize bloating
  • Reduces abdominal discomfort
  • Improves irritability
  • Helps decrease lower back pain
Reboot IV
Replenish your body and combat hangover-related symptoms like dehydration, headache, and nausea with our Reboot IV Kit. This premix is one of our various IV nutrition therapy offerings and is designed to replenish the fluids needed for optimal wellness.

Possible Benefits:

  • Re-hydrates your body
  • Eases nausea
  • Detoxes your system
  • Restores essential vitamins
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Fights fatigue
B-Lean IV
Designed to help burn fat and boost metabolism, the B-Lean premium-quality compounds, harnessing the benefits of B vitamins to raise energy levels and support a healthy metabolism.

Possible Benefits:

  • Helps convert fat into energy
    Enhances athletic performance
    Improves overall mood
  • Boosts your metabolism
Abortive Migraine Infusion
Fastest, most effective way to relieve: pain to head, neck, and myalgias associated with migraine episodes.

Possible Benefits:

  • Nausea relief
  • Electrolyte replenishment
  • Anti-inflammatory benefits can help prevent rebound headaches for days

Vitamin C and D Infusions: Essential Nutrients for Total Wellness

Vitamin D Infusion: Strengthening Bones and Immune System

Our vitamin D infusions are an essential part of our IV vitamin therapy offerings. A vitamin D infusion is key in maintaining bone health and strengthening the immune system, ensuring your body functions at its best. By receiving a direct dose through our IV treatments, you gain the full benefits of this vital nutrient.

Vitamin D Infusion: Strengthening Bones and Immune System

Our vitamin D infusions are an essential part of our IV vitamin therapy offerings. A vitamin D infusion is key in maintaining bone health and strengthening the immune system, ensuring your body functions at its best. By receiving a direct dose through our IV treatments, you gain the full benefits of this vital nutrient.

IV Add-ons

Contents: Alpha-Lipoic Acid 

Alpha-lipoic acid has recently gained a lot of attention. It is an organic compound that acts as a powerful antioxidant. It’s also found in a variety of foods and as a dietary supplement. Research suggests that it may play a role in weight loss, diabetes, and other health conditions.


    • Protection Against Oxidative Stress
    • Metabolic Syndrome and Diabetes
    • Promoting Better Eye Health
    • Neuroprotection
    • Preserving Bone Density
    • Metal Chelation
    • Migraine Prevention
    • Maintaining Healthy Skin

Contents: Ornithine, Arginine, Lysine, Citrulline 

Alpha lipoic acid (ALA) is a fatty acid that occurs naturally in the body and serves vital functions at the cellular level, such as energy production. ALA has been used in supplement form to help in the treatment of diabetes, HIV, cancer, liver ailments, and has recently gained more popularity in the use of weight loss. Together, these three amino acids can help promote the production of nitric oxide (NO), which has many positive effects. Tri-Amino infusions/injections can also help encourage Human Growth Hormone (hGH) production, support athletic performance, and more.


    • Regulating healthy blood pressure
    • Wound healing and Recovery
    • Supporting Athletic Performance
    • Metabolism & Fat Loss
    • Improved sexual function and cardiovascular health

Ascorbic acid is used to prevent or treat vitamin C deficiency. Extremely low levels of vitamin C can cause a condition referred to as scurvy. Symptoms of scurvy include rash or brown spots on the skin, muscle weakness, pale skin, joint pain, tiredness, depression, or tooth loss. Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) is important as it is needed to maintain the health of skin, teeth, cartilage, bone, and blood vessels.


    • Provides hydration
    • Is safe for most skin types
    • Can brighten your skin
    • Can reduce redness
    • Can reduce hyperpigmentation
    • Can reduce the appearance of under-eye circles
    • Promotes collagen production
    • May help prevent sagging
    • May protect against sun damage
    • May soothe sunburns
    • May help wound healing
    • Reduce the risk of chronic disease
    • Manage high blood pressure
    • Lower the risk of heart disease
    • Reduce blood uric acid levels and help prevent gout
    • Prevent iron deficiency
    • Boost immunity


Biotin is a B-complex vitamin, also known as B7. Biotin is necessary for cell growth. It converts fatty acids and glucose into fuel to produce energy. It aids in the production of enzymes by metabolizing amino acids and carbohydrates.


  • Improves health of skin, hair, and nails
  • Strengthens your immune system
  • Can ease muscle pain
  • Increases metabolism
  • Aids in weight loss
  • Aids in maintaining healthy blood sugar levels

Contents: Glutathione 

Supplementally, glutathione can be taken in the treatment and prevention of cataracts, glaucoma, aging, alcoholism, cancer, heart disease, liver disease, lung disease, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, osteoarthritis, diseases that breakdown the body’s immune system and many more.

Contents: L-Glutamine 
Glutamine is classified as an amino acid. Amino acids play many roles within the body. Their main purpose is to serve as building blocks for proteins. Although it is produced naturally in the body, sometimes the body requires more than is produced.
Contents: pyridoxine (B6) , methionine, inositol choline, B12 Cyanocobalamin, carnitine , thiamine B1, riboflavin B2 
Contains lipotropics fat burning combination of methionine, inositol, choline, carnitine and B12. Each of these ingredients helps the body turn fat into energy and are also powerful antioxidants. In addition to the Lipotropics blend, Lipo-Mino also contains a mixture of B vitamins which further help to facilitate fat loss and increase energy. The formula is then completed by adding ingredients to reduce appetite, build muscle and promote a healthy immune system. Paired with a proper weight loss program, this nutrient injection can help you shed the “stubborn fat” that just won’t go away. This injection can be given on a weekly basis.
B12/MIC boosts energy & discourages onset of general fatigue
Inositol & a healthy diet can help initiate modest weight loss
Choline shown to help build lean muscle mass
Complements a healthy lifestyle to break through plateaus
Aids in weight loss
Gentle & effective for sensitive stomachs
Contents: Magnesium Chloride 
Magnesium chloride, or magnesium, is a mineral that is important in maintaining the function of our nerves, cells, bones, muscles, and heart.
Contents: methionine, inositol, choline, cyanocobalamin 
MICC is a special lipotropics fat burning combination of methionine, inositol, choline, and B12. Each of these ingredients help the body turn fat into energy and are also powerful antioxidants. MICC injections are often used in weight loss regimens as well as to promote healthy cell function and increased energy. *Recommended Dosage: 1ML, weekly. Intramuscular
Methionine: Helps break down sugars & carbohydrates and convert to energy. Building block for protein synthesis.
Inositol: Converts food to energy. Also has a calming effect and has shown to reduce panic attacks.
Choline: Healthy nerve cells, cuts muscle recovery time, helps convert fat to energy
Cyanocobalamin (B12): Increases energy and metabolism. Plays a key role in the normal function of the brain and nervous system
Contents: MagnesiumCL, Zinc, Manganese, Copper, Selenium
  • Higher function of nervous system, behavior, memory, and learning
  • Immune defense + function
  • Combating infections and wound healing
  • Metabolism of amino acids, cholesterol, glucose, and carbohydrates
  • Cognitive function
  • Fertility in both men and women
  • Thyroid hormone metabolism and DNA synthesis
Contents: Nicotinamide (adenine dinucleotide) 
NAD+, or nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, is a critical coenzyme found in every cell in your body, and it’s involved in hundreds of metabolic processes. But NAD+ levels decline with age. NAD+ has two general sets of reactions in the human body: helping turn nutrients into energy as a key player in metabolism and working as a helper molecule for proteins that regulate other cellular functions. These processes are incredibly important.
  • Growing the antioxidant power of cells and tissues
  • Activating SIRT1, a sirtuin enzyme that takes part in longevity
  • Down-regulating inflammation
  • Enhancing mitochondrial efficiency
  • Improving cell viability

Ketorolac is used to relieve moderate to severe pain. Ketorolac is in a class of medications called NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory). It is not an opioid. It works by stopping the body's production of a substance that causes pain, fever, and inflammation.


  • Arthritis and gout: Toradol can diminish the pain related to arthritis attacks. It’s especially helpful in cases of gout, an advanced type of arthritis known for intense and sudden flare-ups. Because Toradol is designed for short-term use, it’s not recommended for chronic, ongoing arthritis pain.
  • Headaches and migraines: Toradol offers powerful pain relief compared to over-the-counter medications. This makes it ideal for severe headaches or the pounding pain experienced during a migraine attack, especially if other medications haven’t worked for you.
  • Injury or overuse caused by physical activity: A Toradol shot near the injury site can help ease inflammation that causes pain. Some people use Toradol for back pain, certain kinds of bone fractures, and other injuries.

Contents: B1, B3, B2, B5, B6 

This mixture is packed with B-complex vitamins, which may help keep skin and blood cells healthy and convert nutrients into energy.


  • Fights fatigue and tiredness
  • Increases energy levels
  • Promotes deeper sleep
  • Helps maintain mental clarity
  • Helps to keep food cravings under control
  • Contributes to healthy skin, hair, nails and complexion

Contents: Ascorbic Acid, Glutathione, Zinc Sulfate 

A powerful immunity blend of the Glutathione, Ascorbic Acid (vitamin C) and Zinc. This can enhance your immune system and help you maintain a healthy immune response.


  • Increase immune response
  • Maintain a healthy immune system
  • Decrease inflammation
  • Optimize healthy cell function
  • Aid in wound healing
  • Strengthen weakened immune system

Contents: Methylcobalamin (B12) 

Vitamin B12 injections can help with energy levels, brain function and weight loss. Methylcobalamin, also known as Vitamin B12, is used to treat not only Vitamin B12 deficiency but also other conditions, such as pernicious anemia and diabetes.


  • Increases Energy Levels and Concentration
  • Improves Metabolism and Helps With Weight Loss
  • Boosts the Immune System
  • Helps Improve Sleep Patterns
  • Helps Stop Certain Types of Hair Loss

Contents: Ondansetron 

Ondansetron is a medication that prevents nausea and vomiting. It blocks substances in your body that can cause nausea and vomiting. It belongs to a class of medications called antiemetics.

Contents: Cholecalciferol (D3) 
Vitamin D is crucial to the building and maintenance of healthy bones and teeth. Calcium, the primary component of bone, is only properly absorbed by your body when vitamin D is present. Vitamin D is created within the body when direct sunlight converts a chemical in your skin into an active form of the vitamin. There are not many foods that contain vitamin D, but you can find it in fortified milk, fortified cereals, and fatty fish, like salmon, mackerel, and sardines. Unfortunately, most people do not get the necessary amount of vitamin D. Therefore, supplementation is needed. Vitamin D3 is the perfect supplement as it is the natural form of vitamin D that your body makes from sunlight. Vitamin D can come in several forms. The two major forms are vitamin D2 (ergocalciferol) and vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol). The recommended form of vitamin D for supplementation is cholecalciferol. Cholecalciferol is metabolized to its active form, calcitriol, which increases the body’s absorption of calcium and phosphorus. Some evidence suggests calcitriol plays a role in the immune system and may inhibit cancer growth and stimulate cell differentiation. Receiving vitamin D3 injections can treat and prevent the symptoms of vitamin D deficiency, including fatigue and bone pain. Vitamin D deficiency has been associated with an increased risk of death from cardiovascular disease, cognitive impairment in the elderly, severe childhood asthma and cancer.
Vitamin D is crucial to the building and maintenance of healthy bones and teeth. Vitamin D3 is the perfect supplement as it is the natural form of vitamin D that your body makes from sunlight

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Jeanne-Marie Raziano, DMin, DDiv
Educated at Columbia, Penn and post-grad certifications from Harvard, Stanford & Rutgers.
Jeanne-Marie Raziano, DMin, DDiv
Jeanne-Marie Raziano, DMin, DDiv
Educated at Columbia, Penn and post-grad certifications from Harvard, Stanford & Rutgers. She has obtained her doctorate in ministry science as well as degrees in laboratory science, biology, and psychology. Jeanne-Marie has studied in molecular neuropharmacology, psychedelic therapy. She strives to bridge the gap between science and spirituality to help patients live healthier, more balanced lives. A life-long student of science, psychology, and spirituality to provide the best care possible. Jeanne-Marie is dedicated to creating a space of understanding and support for those dealing with crisis, trauma, and mental health issues. Offering counseling services and hosting support groups for LGBTQIA+ and survivors of childhood sexual abuse.
Joseph Raziano, MD
Medical Director
Dr. Raziano is a physician specializing in Emergency Medicine with an M.D. from Tulane University School of Medicine 
Joseph Raziano, MD
Joseph Raziano, MD
Dr. Raziano is a physician specializing in Emergency Medicine with an M.D. from Tulane University School of Medicine and a B.S. in Microbiology and Immunology from the University of Miami. He completed his residency at Emory University School of Medicine. Dr. Raziano is a board-certified and licensed physician in 8 states with more than 25 years of experience. He is helping people achieve their optimal health and well-being through cognitive and physical transformation. He is certified in Ketamine Therapy and IV Nutritional Therapy.
Kristen McGee, CRNP, PMHNP-BC
Nurse Practitioner
Kristen is a board certified psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner, having graduated from La Salle University with a Master of Science in Nursing.
Kristen McGee, CRNP, PMHNP-BC
Kristen McGee, CRNP, PMHNP-BC
Kristen is a board certified psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner, having graduated from La Salle University with a Master of Science in Nursing. Before entering the field of mental health, Kristen was a registered nurse working on a trauma unit. Spending time caring for trauma patients, and working closely with their families, inspired her to enter the field of mental health. Kristen worked as a psychiatric registered nurse while obtaining her degree. She cared for children and adolescents at an inpatient psychiatric facility. Kristen is also experienced in treating patients with substance use disorders, after completing clinical rotations at an inpatient rehabilitation center. Kristen has a holistic approach to patient care and provides compassionate, comprehensive mental health services to her patients.

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